Specializing in Professional Liability

Global Alliance is a power of one Specialty MGA with it’s “owner – driver” having over 40 years of experience and being well respected in the Canadian & London Insurance Market that is adept at placing risks on a binding authority or on an open market basis through an extensive contact base in both Lloyd’s and domestic markets. 

We specialize in placing tailored solutions for a wide spectrum of Primary and or Excess Professional Liability risks coverages.

Miscellaneous Classes of Business

Abattoir E&O, Acoustic E&0 Actors E&O, Actuaries Errors and Omissions Insurance Adjusters E&O, Advertising Agents & Consultants E&O, Advertising Services E&O, * Aerial Surveyors E&O, Agricultural Consultants E&O, Agronomists E&O, Alarm Monitoring Services E&O, Analytical Research & Laboratories E&O, Animal & Pet Services E&O, Answering Services E&O, ) Anthologist E&O, Anthropologist E&O, Antique Dealers & Restorers E&O, Arbitrators, Judges & Mediators E&O, Archaeologists E&O, Aromatherapists E&O, Art Appraisers, Valuers & Restorers E&O, Artists E&O, Associations E&O, Auctioneers/Auction Houses E&O, Audiologists E&O, Bacteriologists E&O, Bailiffs E&O, Beauticians E&O, Bell Ringers E&0 Biochemical Therapists E&O, Biologists E&O, Blacksmiths E&O, Boat & Shipping Services E&O, Boat Registrars E&O, Bookkeepers E&O, Broadcasting Services E&O, Brokers E&O, Building Surveyors & Consultants E&O, Business Brokers / Managers E&O, Business Transfer Agents E&O, Case Administrator E&O, Charities E&O, Chartered Secretaries E&O, Chauffeurs & Driving Services E&O, Chefs & Cooking Services E&O, Chimney Sweeps E&O, Cholesterol Testors E&O, Cladding & Coating Specialists E&O, Claims Adjusters & Administrators E&O, * Cleaning Services E&O, Coaches E&O, Comedians E&O, Communication & Network Consultants Exhibition, Conference & Banquet Organisers E&O, Expert Medical Witness (Excluding Medical Examinations) E&O, (application) Expert Witness E&O, Export & Customs E&O, Fashion Services E&O, Fencing Consultant E&O, Film Crew E&O, Fire Control Specialists E&O, Fisherman/Women / Consultant E&O, Fish Consultant E&O, Florists E&O, Flood Control Consultant E&O, Food Inspectors E&O, Forensic & Accident Investigators E&O, Forensic Analysts E&O, Forestry Consultants E&O, Franchisers E&O, Freight Container Surveyors & Inspectors E&O, Freight Forwarders E&O, Futurists E&O, Gardner E&O, Geologists E&O, Grant Administrators E&O, Graphic Designers E&O, Graphoanalysis E&O, Guards E&O, Habitat Consultant E&O, H.V.A.C. & Plumbing Consultants E&O, Hair Replacement E&O, Hairdresser E&O, Health & Safety Consultants E&O, Health Screening E&O, Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning E&O, Home Help E&O, Horticultural Consultants E&O, Hotel & Hostel Services E&O, House Moving Services E&O, Human Resources Consultants E&O, Independent medical examiners E&O, (application) Industrial Occupational E&O, Inoculation/Travel Centre E&O, Inspection Services (Quality & Quantity) E&O, Inspectors E&O, Insurance Adjusters & Surveyors E&O, Insurance Brokers E&O, Insurance Consultants E&O, Interior Designers E&O, Interpreters E&O, Investigators E&O, Iron Mongers & Scrap Metal Merchants E&O, It Consultants E&O, Jewellers E&O, Jewellery Appraisers & Valuers E&O, Journalists E&O, Judges & Magistrates E&O, Land Owner / Manager E&O, Land Surveyors E&O, Relocation Services E&O, Relocation Services E&O, Restoration Consultant E&O, Re-Vegetation Consultant E&O, Risk Management E&O, Sales Promotion Consultants E&O, Secretarial Services E&O, Self Help Groups E&O, Setting-Out Engineers E&O, Status Research & Reference Agents E&O, Storage Services E&O, Surveillance & Search Services E&O, Surveyors E&O, Tax Consultants E&O, Tax Preparers E&O, Taxidermists E&O, Taxi's & Taxi Services E&O, Telecommunications Consultants E&O, Telephonists E&O, Television & Video Services E&O, Temporary Help (Non Medical) E&O, Testing Labs E&O, Thermal & Insulation Consultants E&O, Title Abstractors E&O, * Title Agents E&O, * Tourist Information Consultants E&O, Town Planners E&O, Trade Associations & Federations E&O, Trade Valuers E&O, Traffic Consultants E&O, Training Services E&O, Transcriber E&O, Translators E&O, Transport Consultants E&O, Travel Agents E&O, Tree Surgeons & Timber E&O, Trustees E&O, Undertakers & Morticians E&O, University, Polytechnic Consultancy & Research E&O, Urban & Land Economic Consultants E&O, Valuers E&O, Voluntary Workers E&O, Warranty Administrators / Agents E&O, Waste Collectors & Specialists E&O, Water & Land Drainage Specialists E&O, Water Supply Consultants E&O, Weather Analysis E&O, Writers E&O, Yacht & Commercial Craft Surveyors E&O, Yacht Brokers E&O, Zoo's/Zoologists Errors and Omissions


Available in BC | Alberta | Yukon

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Our professional and experienced broking team regularly place a wide variety of risks across a number of classes of business with a large range of insured values.